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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Thanks a lot for developing FS-UAE! Here are some various CPU usage figures I've noted down which seem a bit odd:
I assume what you find weird is the high CPU usage when minimized / hidden. The reason for this is that FS-UAE flips video on vblank by default, but when the program is minimized/hidden, the OpenGL display flip may return immediately, so basically what happens is that FS-UAE is rendering frames as fast as possible (and if you run with full vsync, the emulation may speed up as well). I'm sure it is possible to detect when it's minimized/hidden and stop rendering (but this is not done currently).

Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
Well I can use both WinUAE and FS-UAE rather easily, have so many damn versions including my ClassicWB set up

However, I've yet to find any filter set up options in FS-UAE such as Hq2x although it's one damn fine Emulator is FS-UAE!
Hi, there's no GUI for this yet, but can open Custom Configuration -> Custom Settings from the Launcher menu, and add:
shader = hq2x
But the Amiga pixels are usually doubled in both width and height, and the hq2x filter does not expect that, so for good results, you must also include:
low_resolution = 1
line_doubling = 0
(this will of course make high-res games / Workbench look bad, so no perfect solution for all cases).

Originally Posted by Neil79 View Post
Have decided to ditch Ultimate Amiga's online database as it's not being updated regulary and still uses the old WHDLOAD set up. Have signed upto the FS-UAE database on a complete, clean install of 2.2.0

EDIT : Wow impressive, I've just updated all my SPS,WHDLOAD and ADF directories from Gamebase and ClassicWB using the scan option. Sweet as!

Nice work, this version is just brilliant
- nice to have you onboard as beta user. And remember if/when you find rough edges, it is only the initial version, still in beta, and it will get better
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