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FS-UAE Stable Series - Questions, Feedback and Bug Reports

This is the main support thread for FS-UAE stable versions. You can comment or ask questions about FS-UAE in this thread, or you can create a new thread in support.FS-UAE.

FS-UAE for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD can be downloaded here: (Release notes).

Bug Reports

If you want to file a bug report you can create a new thread in support.FS-UAE. Here are some good ideas:
  • Try to explain your problem with enough details that I can understand the problem (and ideally reproduce it).
  • Attach Documents/FS-UAE/FS-UAE.log to your post -this file is overwritten every time you run FS-UAE, so make sure you attach the log right after having experienced the problem and shut down FS-UAE.
  • If you are using FS-UAE Launcher, please also attach Documents/FS-UAE/Launcher.log.txt
If unsure if you have found a bug or not, you can post in this thread if you don't want to create a new thread.

But the important thing is that you file bug/problem reports when you experience problems, not exactly how you do it

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