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Hollywood Designer, Save Page on Exit. help

So anyone on here use Hollywood and Hollywood Designer?

on my next update for Amilion, I would love it to be able to save which page its on, on exit, I guess I would put code on the exit button, and then code on start up, so it check which page to start on, trouble is I kind of not sure what the code would be. I thinking of creating a external txt file that would save a number 1 to 6 on exit depending on the page your on and hollywood on boot would check the number and go to that page.

Anyone know how I would go about doing this? Cheers

So far I have a Setting.txt file with just "1" in the file so to test Hollywood is reading it, I have

OpenFile(1, "setting.txt")
pageset = ReadLine(1)

On text entry "pagetxt" it display the number 1

On exit I have this when exit page 1
OpenFile (1, "setting.txt", #MODE_WRITE)
WriteLine(1, "1")

Code for page 2
OpenFile (1, "setting.txt", #MODE_WRITE)
WriteLine(1, "2")

This works and changes the setting.txt number to 2 and on next load up of the app it displays the number 2
Now I just need to figure out how to get Hollywood to jump to Page 2 if pageset = 2

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