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Originally Posted by Aegis View Post
Nemesis/Gradius - although unless you died on the 1st/2nd levels you basically had to finish it on one life - once you lost your powerups on level 3+ the game was over.

I've beaten Salamander/Life Force on a single credit too but that was only because I used to own the arcade machine
Every level and every check point on the first Gradius is recoverable, at least on the 1st loop. It's on some of the later games and, mostly, in Parodius, where the "1-life syndrome" kicks in. People seems to forget that the game has a furious rank system, that makes the game a lot harder when you are all fully powered-up and your life lasts for too long. The first time I've beaten the game, I lost a couple of lives on the last stage and still managed to beat it. I am pretty sure I've finished the 1st loop of it dying on other parts of it.... I've 1 life-cleared it, but it took me a few normal 1 credit clears to do it.

Slap Fight that was mentioned, in the other hand.... extra lifes on that game serves no purpose at all.

I did loop Slap Fight once, and got very close to loop it twice a few times.

My most recent arcade 1CC was Cotton . Very, very nice game. And according to Twin Galaxies (hahaha), if I had cared to record my play of it, I'd have the world record for it, since my score was nearly double the best score recorded there. Hahaha.
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