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yeah i don't think there was so many. i remember from the old floppy disk copier days that there were some issues with hi-rom and low rom versions but my super wild card 32m version seemed to run everything except for games with special chips.
i remember when donkey kong country 3 came out there would be a message saying you are attempting to run an illegal version of this game when trying to play a rom version but that was fixed with an ips crack. maybe there were a few others but i usually got the game roms ready to play from release cds back in the day. i copied DK3 from an original cart and applied the ips myself.
the console games did not seem to have anywhere near the complexity for game protections as the amiga, most games could be dumped from cartridge to floppy with no issues at all. and region protected games usually were fixed using simple tools.
the amiga seemed to be a beast for copy protected games. i was more of a console gamer back in the day but later discovered that amiga was a great gaming system also

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