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Originally Posted by butfluffy View Post
is there an archive available here at EAB of all these bad cracked games which have been fixed over the years. it seems some game people have fixed over the years and uploaded to the zone are nowhere to be found now unless i just don't know where to look.
the tosec collection is great but i wish there was an ultimate adf set for amiga with all the bad cracked and non working game versions removed, failing that acquiring fixed versions and replacing them in my rom set is the best option.

edit - i was also wondering if all the classic and skid row cracks of shockwave are bad does that mean the only good cracked version from tosec is the nova production crack or is that one bad aswell?
My version of Shockwave is 100%, I don't think any of the other versions were done 100% back in the day, all the enemy waves are fucked.

I can do that this week sometime, been meaning to release it.
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