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Umm I think u missed a point here pubzombie, from what im seeing u want to boot of the flash adapter that u slammed into the side and thats not gonna happen, u use that nifty piece of flashy on the outside for moving files from pc<=>amiga
U need to get a ide-flash adapter inside of your amiga to put on your ideĀ“ port to use as a harddrive or u can get a harddrive in there instead your choice, but be warned of the 2gb limit, thats why i said the internal flash adapter+2g flashcard would be a smarter choice and more silent and bla bla bla
Once u installed one of the above inside your amiga u need to install your os3.1 (later u might want to consider getting classicwb, it supports all your needs m8) onto that drive, making it your "system" drive, then all u need to do, is install the drivers u got for the outside flash adapter and u are moving files like a pro
Now let's get one thing straight right now, u need six beers for this fact, your a1200 will "NEVER" be a500 compatible, "EVER", so start downing those beers m8, thats why we use the nifty little program called whdload and all the installs that the friendly folks out here have created that fixes a ton of problems and makes all the games run from your harddrive
U are not all lost right now though, u can as far as I remember, boot from the driver install disk u got from amigakit for your outside flashadapter and use the adf-transfer program on that disk to throw adf's from your flash card back to an empty amiga floppy, that way u can probly play some games from your floppy drive (like paradroid)
phew that was an awfull lot of words, hope it helps u get startet
happy new years from denmark guys
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