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some others demos with problems :
- Day of reckoning/Digital >> crash after particules effects and others part : I found a good config after a while, but I can't remember it! (many changes during the demo - disable/enable cycle exact cpu)
- Love/Virtual Dream (aga) >> a black rectangle on the gouraud space cut part (a1200 2 Mb chip + fast, 68020, disable JIT and cycle cpu/blitter)
- Twisted/Polka Brothers (aga) >> many gfx problems
- Numb/Movement (aga) >> gfx bugs/very slow
- Rampage/TEK >> crash at landscape part (a fixed version exist)
- Masterpiece/Kefrens >> some adf or dms dumps are bad (crash on 2 pictures) (back2roots or warlock, or pouet). my own version dumped works fine.
- same thing with Hardwired/Silents-Crionics. a bad version exist with crappy animation of toilet!

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