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thank you very much !!! Thanks for taking the patience to translate the text
in english !!!! thanks s2325 !!!!

EDIT : i have finished the game completely. In fact this game (i used the full registered version),
has disk 2 and 3 same as the shareware version. In fact only the disk 1 is different.

I have even corrected the english translation in order to complete the game perfectly.

and now i can give the name of the trecision team on HOL thread

Here is the english solve of the game corrected after completing the game :

talk with each person on all subjects.

open suitcase.
take picklock and syringe.
go to corridor.
use picklock on door to stefano's room.
take the photo from drawer.
go downstairs.
go to dining-room.
use the door on your right.
take candle from candlestick.
go to the kitchen.
take the biscuits.
go back to the salon.
give biscuits to the parrot.
you get the code.
go upstairs.
go to diana's room.
take off the picture.
open the safe with code 384756.
as you see the safe is empty.
hang on picture.
go downstairs.
open marta's room with picklock.
in last drawer you will find diary.
open diary.
go out from house (door near door-mat in salon).
go by track to store-room.
take bottle from highest shelf.
go out.
take stalactite on the cellar roof.
go back to store-room.
support plates on shelf with the help of the stalactite and quickly go back to house.
go to kitchen.
when marta go out to examine where the noise come from, take key from drawer and sugar
from sideboard.
go out from house.
go to store-room.
take matches.
use the matches on candle.
go out from store-room.
with key open door to cellar.
go to cellar.
take mouse trap, the blooded wood, and the ring.
go back to house.
talk with andrea about marta.
in front of the house track to right follow to another store-room which is a shed.
go there.
talk with giorgio about marta & diana.
in kitchen in house ask marta about diana's telephone call and show her the blooded wood.
upstairs go to monica's sleeping room.
give her the bottle.
go to marta's room.
talk with her and use syringe on her.
in the shed take the screwdriver on the floor.
take off mirror in the bathroom in upstairs with the screwdriver.
look at lipstick mark on wall.
hang mirror.
open handbag in monica's room.
go to billard room.
cheat the scores.
talk with anna in her room about diana & stefano.
in kitchen talk with steve about anna.
go out from house.
go back to kitchen.
take cheese.
use cheese with mouse trap.
go to the bathroom in downstairs.
stick mouse trap in mouse hole.
go to the billard room.
you should see a quarrel.
go to giada & talk to her about the quarrel.
when she run out open her beautybag.
go downstairs.
take mouse trap with mouse.
talk to anna and show her the mouse.
when she go out open her wardrobe and open her handbag.
in the bathroom at upstairs take off mirror.
compare three lipsticks with lipstick mark on wall by using each of them on the plate.
put back the mirror (use screwdriver on mirror).
in the candle room take the screw on the floor.
open sideboard and look in toolbox.
in the shed/second store-room open engine shield with wrench.
take the jewels.
after the scene go out.
look at helicopter.
find the fuel tank opening, open it and pour sugar in it.
go to the cellar and take the skis near the wall.
go to the shed, and use the skis.

End of the game

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