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Ok, I've got a thicker bar in OS39 as in the other just changing fonts, but about the look of Ibrowse nothing. I've copied the preset drawer and nothing. In envarc there wasn't visualprefs. Anyway I copied it from C.
I went to Ibrowse and saved the settings in the Sys4 and loaded them in the CWB. Nothing.
I've seen right now your post. Will look about it. Yes, perhaps I didn't install Full Palette in CWB.
EDIT: How I wasn't going to install it? Yes, it's installed in both, with the FullPalette.prefs loaded, saved and using the 16 colors palette from Rebel. There's nothing different with that.

This is the log in CWB when openning Ibrowse and the other in Sys4:

EDIT:To start I see I have to copy the mui key...

HEy! I've got now (with the key) the buttons of the Sys4! ... but still I don't have the backdrop looking the same... Anyway it looks much better now.
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