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Ok I'm here again. Have just seen your post and now I will search it.
Anyway, this is how it is now in both configurations:


I have both title bars set at a height of 2 now, but the one of OS39 is thinniest, don't know why. I had to change the height of the logo, which I don't like to do. Perhaps it's just the screenmode that is different in both configurations?
I don't know either how I got the black title bar in the AmigaSys. Yes, surely it has something different in the palette or somewhere.

EDIT: Now that I can see both at the same time, they don't have the same buttons. See the Google one. There must be a preference, any option that still I have to copy....... Edit: I've copied two drawers that weren't in the CWB: System:Tools/Themes, and System:Tools/WebPlug, but still it's the same.

Edit:I've changed Envarc/Sys complete and there's no difference in Ibrowse, the only is the ugly (thinner) black title bar of WB... so in this case I'm going to change it on the contrary to get the thicker white bar in OS39Sys4. I will go changing the files of Sys till I find the one of the bar....
Edit: I've changed a lot of files and I don't find which it is... perhaps it's case sensitive? I think the best is just to change it and to know where can I change the Title bar color. What I don't understand is that it is thicker in the CWB than in the AmigaSys while they have both the height set at 2 in Gui.
Edit: It's a matter of Gui definetely.

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