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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
The only thing that I've lost (I had it in any moment before) is the Ibrowse logo at the beginning, but it's hapenning the same in a AmigaSys OS I have. I have to see what happens with it.
I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. Do you mean that when you start Ibrowse, the splash window is empty. Or do you mean the Ibrowse transfer animation with the Ibrowse logo?
If it's the empty splash window problem, it's because of visual prefs.

This is a quote from the visual prefs-guide:

---start quote-----

Certain windows of some MUI programs (like IBrowse) appear empty if the top border's thickness is different than (titlebar height increment + 2).
This is really a nasty problem, I don't know if I will ever be able to
find a solution.
For now, set the top border to a value == (titlebar height increment + 2).
Similarly, if (and only if) the screen's titlebar height increment
is set to a different value than the window's titlebar height increment,
you could experience "disappearing" titlebar gadgets in some MUI programs.

----end quote------

If you mean the Ibrowse transfer-animation in the Ibrowse window, check if there's a file called 'TransferAnimation' in the Images sub-drawer of the Ibrowse-drawer.

EDIT: No, still I'm missing something that the AmigaSys has. In it I don't have nothing remapped, and it looks better with 16 colors. I have to see what it is.
Have you by any chance installed FullPalette on your Amigasys system? Edit: Also check in screenmode-prefs how much colours you use for workbench.

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