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I'm digging the inhouse msg sys

OK. Went back to SnoopDos, found some entities that it was looking for, which I found on aminet (listtree.library, listtree.mcc, and listtree.mcp <does that stand for Master Control Program?>)

After those failures were fixed, I come up with this...

Click image for larger version

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It's finding big mui "MUI" in ram? I look here and only find little mui "mui". I created some keypath and keyfiles folders with the key(s) inside them. Still showing this. (also put key's in every drawer of sys)

Is ram accessing things I wouldn't normally find in a directory tree? Is this why you had me build lha and mui from cli? (which I've been doing btw. I did try opening the ram icon and working from there once. Seemed to be the same end result) Also noticing your's booting from System. Mine seems to be changing around directories to accomplish the same thing. (Or is it?)

Thank you very much! Brother Jzon
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