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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
The Falcon 030 review from ex-Atari owner:
So a 4M machine cost $1400 or something and was released Jan 1993 (and later in USA), and a funny quote: "But since we all know there will be DSP-based Amigas in the next six to eight months, we can relax." hehehe

Originally Posted by kovacm View Post
regarding using blitter to faster fill 3D, one color, polygons in games - does anybody have experience with this? There was lot of talks about this but I am not sure if anybody do this in game?

How much blitter would improve 3D games frame per seconds over CPU only version?
We're back to 500 vs ST, oh well I'll try to steer it back

Mostly not done in games, since ST influenced game development on Amiga. Gameplay often required scenes of 40-80 polygons, so to get decent framerates on ST, they shrunk the screen buffer to "very small" to make the polygons smaller; at tiny polygon sizes, the CPU can beat unsophisticated Blitter routines.

(Unfortunately, most 3D games using the CPU were therefore made without regard to faster CPUs, and this affected the Amiga. Because they plot to the screen memory directly, there is much less gain than otherwise possible on a faster CPU with fastmem.)

Therefore, using the Blitter for what it was designed for in 3D games remained largely unexplored. In demos it was, but high polycount fast fullscreen 3D remained elusive since the inclination was always towards simplifying the scene to make a slick production.

On A1200 the Blitter was not upgraded, so on A1200 it doesn't pay off to write a sophisticated 3D routine using the Blitter, except in special cases.
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