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64-bit WinUAE doesn't work on 64-bit Windows XP

The 64-bit WinUAE 3.4.0 executable fails to run on Windows XP x64. A dialog box appears saying "C:\Program Files\WinUAE\winuae64.exe is not a valid Win32 application."

For more information see

By modifying four bytes in the PE header as explained there I got 64-bit WinUAE to run on XP x64. Bytes to change:
Offset	From	To
0x1C0	06	05
0x1C2	00	02
0x1C8	06	05
0x1CA	00	02
Extracts from dumpbin /headers output for the 32-bit then 64-bit WinUAE executables:
dumpbin /headers winuae.exe
            5.01 operating system version
            5.01 subsystem version

dumpbin /headers winuae64.exe
            6.00 operating system version
            6.00 subsystem version
The real fix seems to be to set Minimum Required Version in Visual Studio Linker->System properties for the x64 build to 5.2, not leave it blank. [I'd be happy to test a build with that change of course.]

I tested the patched winuae64.exe by loading a DOC demo and it ran fine, except with no sound (there was sound with 32-bit WinUAE). But that may just be a bug/problem/issue with the VirtualBox sound driver?

winuae64.exe (fixed):
DS: DirectSoundCreate8() failure: 8878000A S=1 F=0878 C=000A (10)

winuae.exe (32 bit):
DS: 00140004 1:00000000 2:00000000 4:00000033 4:00000603 4:00000107 6:0000003F 6:0000060F
DS: 00000000,CH=2,FREQ=44100 'Primary Sound Driver' buffer 16384, dist 4096
DS: 2205 = (3969 - 1764)
DS: bs=128 w=10240 max=16384 tof=21845 tuf=29127
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