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Ohh, ok. I didn't realize the img files where the same. I am actually not that familiar with winuae and amiga emulation! I think i unpacked the img files, tried it quickly and just decided there must be something different, so i went with the dd method. However, it worked. failure has given me access to his site. So I am going to post some some information and any other interesting files, patches etc that i come across.

I had noticed that ethernet emulation had stopped working after i install version 2.1. I am not sure if i have misconfigured winuae or there is a kernel patch that has broken support. At this stage I am not familiar enough with AMIX or winuae to trouble shoot that.

However once I get back from holiday I might be able to spend some more time on it and get something working.

BTW, last time I used an amiga was sometime in the early 90's and that was mostly to play the awesome games!

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