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Originally Posted by r4ge View Post
Hi guys, using the amix.uae config i have managed to boot into amix 1.1, from there i have used the boot and root img files from here, and dd'd them into adf files. I can upload them if anyone is interested. After booting these images i have been able to mount the amix 2.1 cpio into winuae and and start the install process. Its not quite done yet but its looking promissing.

Btw, to create the .adf images. I loaded amix 1.1, added a network interface and bound it to my ethernet adapter. This requires winpcap. once this is done I booted into amix and set up the interface, ie ifconfig en0 netmask, from there i ftp'd into my server and downloaded the boot.img and root_v2.img. I bunzip'd them first to save some time. then these images can be dd's to your virtual fdd, ie dd if=boot.img of=/dev/rdsk/fd0 this will take a few minutes. once boot is done you can swap out your virtual fdd (press f12) then load your root disk. this is done in the same manner, ie dd if=root_v2.img of=/dev/rdsk/fd0 again this will take a few minutes.
That seems a rather round-about method; the floppy images on the amigaunix site are ADFs, so all you needed to do was unpack them!

Your boot.adf is identical to the amigaunix boot.img. Your root.adf is slightly different from the amigaunix root_v2.img however. That's probably because you used the write-enabled disk before creating your image file of it. (The Amiga UNIX 1.1 install process requires the root floppy be write-enabled.)

BTW, the reason neozeed asked about supporting more than two users is that Amiga UNIX was released in two versions. One only supports two users, the other unlimited users. I don't know about the AMIX cpio archive, but at least the AMIX 2.1 boot floppy on (not the modified HD-hack installation disk) says "(Limited)" on the initial screen.

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