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I would assume it supports multiple users. its UNIX!

ok, So i have attached the boot and root .adf files.

Boot the system with these, with the amix 21 cpio file as the second drive. I set this as SCSI 1, you will also need to add a target drive. I made mine 2GB. I enabled RDB to sort out the drive geometry. this stopped a lot of the crashes.

Once you boot the boot image it will ask for root disk, just f12 and add the root disk to the system then follow the prompts, i've only tried the install using the s5 file system. it takes along time to unpack the cpio image. so go make a coffee or 2

side note, there seem to be a lot of nice extras in the 2.1 image.. BASH!@#!@

also, these are not my images. Please give all your thanks to failure at it looks like he has put heaps of effort into making AMIX something that is really great.



Just a little update

I have managed to get a system up to AMIX 2.1p2a, this is the latest version. However Ethernet stopped working and I couldn't figure out why. I would kill for dmesg!

So I am starting again to see where ethernet support died. There is some kernel patches so maybe one is to blame? I'm not sure.

So I think the .hdf might be a little way off yet. I really want to have X and networking working.

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