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I can imagine a lot of work went into this, which is why it needs to be used by loads of people.

Recently I was having a good watch of Bippy's great DVDs and realised this kind of stuff is really cool. You can't buy these projects in the shops, they represent a large chunk of peoples hard work, free time and commitment. Even better, sending or swapping projects through the post is so retro, going back to when we used to send floppy disks to friends all over the world.

It also saves the hassle of hosting certain files plus it's great getting stuff delivered through the post!

I'm thinking we can set up some kind of swap shop thread or forum, where people in it are willing to burn and post home projects like this to one another from time to time. It's fairly inexpensive, takes little time and everyone will benefit.

That way work like yours can be more freely available to everyone.
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