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CPS-1 has a z80 onboard pal Just check mame.

For instance i own those :

SF2 world warriors (68000P10 + Z80P4) CPS1 board
SF2 Champion edition (68000P10 + Z80P4) CPS1 board
SF2 HYPER FIGHTING (68000P12 + Z80P4) CPS DASH board
Final Fight (68000P10 + Z80P4) CPS1
Knights of the Round (68000P10 + Z80P4) CPS1

Cadillac and Dinosaurs (68000P12 + Z80P6 kabuki + QSOUNDP4) CPS DASH/QSOUND
Warriors of Fate (68000P12 + Z80P6 Kabuki + QSOUNDP4) CPS DASH/QSOUND

The difference between the CPS1 and CPS DASH is 2 points : 1st, the 68000 clock is 12mhz instead of 10, and the Z80 is an encrypted one in the CPS Dash while it's a regular one in CPS-1

SSF2 (68000P16 + Z80P8 + QSOUNDP4) CPS2
SSF2T (68000P16+ Z80P8 + QSOUNDP4) CPS2

In CPS-1 the Z80 drives the YM-2151 and on CPS-2 it drives the Qsound chip.

Even better :

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