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Here is updated version, it is fully functional.

As it is designed for multiple apps you need to specify the location of the executable, (in our case, DTC.exe). When DTCtool opens, the command line switches that you see in the picture above is default. Later on there is plans to incorporate a drop down option which will store multiple command line switches in an .ini file.

The default command line is for writing adf images to floppy drive, just create the queue and click on the top right icon to write the ADF image to disk, once the write is complete you will receive a prompt to continue down the queue when ready.

If you want to write ipf images then simply remove the -wp1 portion of the command line switch and you are all set.

The directory search option is set to search for ADF and IPF images, other images obviously work when supported but you will need to select "all Files" when browsing directories for other type of images.

The App should read any filename (let me know if it cant see/process an adf with weird names.

DTCtool requires dotnet 4, here is the link from MS

DTCtool was created by Flagg and i really appreciate him spending the time to get this working for me. The program itself is considered freeware, i will release the source later and people are free to host this file on their sites. Although it works fine we consider this a beta as there are a few more things we can do to make it a little better (drop down menus etc).

Here is DTCtool itself. Let me know if you find any bugs.
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