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the problem is here guys (and gals.... and Ironclaw) that these recent *letters / etc* from the incredibly fucktard Bill McEwan, are unsubstantiated and from (as they say in the opening) a non relaible source.

if this is by intent then arguably thats a cleaver way to diseminate bollocks to placate the fanatics only to be able to debunk at another time.

As much as i want to rip this letter to consitutional fibers and point out the only real truth it was then it came to me....

Amiga.Inc own nothing... are nothing... and will amount to absolutely nothing, an as mentioned by many others, the only tradition have (albiet a washington or delaware company) is that of non-delivery no matter how you wrap it up.

bah..... thinking about this stuff wastes protien, and i can think of a million other uses for picking the fluff from my belly button.

I have no wish to be part of a future thats all about "pidgeon hole"-ing its customers, why else spend pointless efforts on PPC architecture when everyone and his dog (and the dogs bone) has a PC in the house...

if I have the time one day and I can be bother I may just petition the records of copywright and patient... just to see where and what amiga actually, if anything, owns.... afterall KS1.3 is over 20 years old now...

Now..... what would happen should that i ever meet Bill McEwan....

hmmmmm.... *ponders this*..... anyone here seen Dexter on TV ?

dont worry.... i would broadcast it.
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