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A lot of CD32 requests! I love CD32 games, but recording them is a nightmare. WinUAE records the CD music in latest versions, but using savestates with games that have tracks does not work so well. The problem is that the music usually stops playing when load a savestate. So if you want to make a longplay of a CD32/CDTV game that have tracks, you either you have to practice the game and play in one go. The last game I played using this method was Prehistorik. Easy game for me, so no savestates needed. The second method is to play without tracks and afterwards add them in a video editor program. Think this is the reason why not many CD32 games have been longplayed yet.

Seems most of the CD32 games you requested have tracks. Not sure for Brian the Lion?

Cyber Force & Action Cat are the ones I will probably do first, then we'll see...

Originally Posted by Gzegzolka View Post
- Fightin'Spirit (I would love to see ending for each fighter)level).
HOL have ending screens for all fighters for the OCS version. Will that do, or do I need to record a video? Or is the endings different in the CD32 version?
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