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Thumbs up FS-UAE Developement Series 1.1.x - "Freeze/Crash Issue (Intel GMA X3100)"

Hi FS-UAE users!

I've found another issue that occurs using FS-UAE 1.1.2 and later.

The emulator freezes:
-when it has just been started (black screen/about 5 seconds)
-when the F12 key is pressed for the first time (freeze during 4 seconds)
-when the FS-UAE window has been minimized and restored (freeze and crash)


-CPU: Core2Duo/2.40 Ghz
-CHIPSET: i965
-OS: Windows XP SP3
-GPU: Intel GMA X3100 (128MB/Shared memory) - Driver V6.14.10.5218
-What else?

OpenGL compatibility (Intel):

Test version (1.1.5 - Freeze/Crash issue partially fixed):

FS-UAE version 1.1.2:
* You can also configure parallel port joysticks from the menu now.
* Show CD-CDROM drive selector in GUI (for all Amiga models) if CD-ROM drive is enabled.
* Cloanto ROMs are now properly scanned on startup. No need to specify kickstart_file unless you want to use a non-standard kickstart.
* Choice between soft and hard reset when choosing "Amiga Reset"; also gives a bit more protection against accidental reset.
* Fix crash on Linux/Mac when non-existing CD is specified for cdrom_drive_0.
* No scanlines are rendered in RTG mode unless the new option rtg_scanlines is also set to 1.
* Quit FS-UAE if Alt+F4 (Cmd+F4) is pressed.
* Fixed a bug where all subsequent hard drives were mounted read-only if one was mounted read-only.
* Re-enabled bsdsocket.library for Linux and Mac.
* Use path resolving function for *_dir path options too.
* Match more disk names with built-in regexp (for name shortening).
* Write read configuration key/values to log file (for debugging, no need to send config + log file any longer; just the log file will do).
* Re-organized the FS-UAE on-screen main menu.
* Menu font re-drawn a bit smaller and thinner.
* Use only older OpenGL features, should work fine on OpenGL 1.4/1.5 implementations now (possibly also OpenGL 1.1).
* Use a texture atlas for GUI elements to reduce the amount of state changes.
* BEAMCON0 hack for P96 restricted to only setting PAL bit.
* Support new naming scheme for controller configuration files (used for config files created by new new external controller configuration tool).
* Added controller configurations: usb_2_axis_8_button_gamepad.ini, (thrustmaster) t_mini_wireless.ini
* Showing FS-UAE application icon in window menu and application switcher on Windows.
* Disable most Windows hot keys (the "Windows" key, etc) when running FS-UAE.
* Disable sticky keys shortcut (and toggle keys etc) on Windows so these don't interfere with game play.

Any help welcomed!
The topic will be updated consequently

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