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Methanoid, glad everything worked for you, and that Kickstart 3.0 is still compatible - I had visions of having to ask users for their Workbench 3.9 CDs (readily available, and undoubtedly obtained legally...)!

I'm also pleased that you managed to get over the fact that AIAB uses folders for harddrives, rather than .hdf files - by the way, what was with the 'I unarchived the LHA file or whatever and it makes dirs all over the PC' comment? Surely you realise that compression clients extract archives to the location you specify; this shouldn't be a problem unless you choose C:\ as the destination, and even then, all AIAB archives utilise the same 'WinUAE\..' folder path!

>I have KS3.0 and selected Classic look with the "new" icons option.

Lol! And to think of the amont of time I spent working on the updated VisualPrefs theme and PNG icons... Oh well, atleast the non-icandy configurations are still available - I had very nearly considered junking all the old-style icons and 'classic' UI stuff!



>What I do like a LOT about AIAB is that you can have a basic setup and add modules.

Yes, this was always my intention - a small(ish) base package that can be expanded with add-on packs. Although it's a shame the add-ons are so few, and out-of-date; I doubt they even work anymore...

>For me it would be even nicer if there was a MORE basic setup and options to
>add a gazillion separate modules at your choice.

Yes, this is how I wanted it all along. I experimented with online installers, such as using NSIS to create a tiny AIAB.exe that connected to the web to download different user-selectable packages for backgrounds, iconsets, fonts, web browsers etc. The functionality to do so is all there; many aspects of AIAB are very module in their nature and can be added/removed, enabled/disabled at will (as you have already experienced), however such functionality would not have proved popular with non-Windows users, and may further alienate newbies who already struggle to get going with things as they are, despite my efforts to make AIAB as simple to 'install' as possible.

Would you believe that a few years ago, I would often receive emails from users complaining of the 'large filesize' of AIAB! Sure the package has gradually grown in size over the years as new features were added, however even with the considerable improvements in the latest version (have you seen the changelog?!), the entire packge is still only just over 4mb (the 7zip archive is 4,241,492) - hopefully small enough for folks on dial-up (including some of the neighbouring villages here in Japan).

>I'm gonna have to download the HD game installs and have a play.

Oooh, be careful! I haven't actually tested any of the old add-on packages, but fingers crossed you will be okay. It shames me to say it, but I cannot remember the last time I actually played a game using WinUAE; in my opinion the compability advances of UAE have made whdload installed fixes largely unnecessary, beyond speeding-up load times of course.

>If only there was an /X BBS package to install!!!

Ah, you truly are a classic Amiga user! Goodness, to think of the hundreds of pounds I clocked up surfing BBSs (before 6pm) in my A500 youth! (wipes a tear from his eye)

>Respect James (and Bloodwych) for these great packages


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