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James, sorry about the delay just been a bit hectic. I think with these disks it's again a case of them being redistributed by Online PD, your readme isn't there unfortunately. Basically all their games were in alphabetical order so if you wanted Karnov (greatest game ever!) you ordered disk number whatever and got a load of games starting with K. When I right click 'information' on the individual snapshots I get a date maybe indicating when they were first created, bit of a long shot but maybe yours? For example of date ranges on Spectrum Games Pack #1, Ant Attack created 23/10/1992 (quite a few of these), Apache 29/4/93, Back2Skool 1/1/1993, Batman 11/3/93 and Batty 6/5/94. Like I say bit of a long shot that these dates are significant, who can remember that far?!! I can ADF the disks anyway if that's any use to you, best of luck with your search and, of course, thanks for making these snapshots available in the first place, chances are I and many others got to play and enjoy the games again!
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