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A1200 motherboard stopped to work suddenly


I had an unused A1200 motherboard which I decided to power up. Everything went fine, kickstart insert disk menu showed after 10s. I tried the power up sequence 2 or 3 times.

On another day, after connecting a floppy drive I started a disk with a bootloader which showed up correctly but after a few seconds, a reset occured, then green screen...

And from that point I'm no more able to start the board even when no floppy is connected.

What's strange is the random behaviour. Here is the description of the different situation I can see:

-Screen stays gray and sometimes the video output turns completely off, then restarts...
-System seems to keep rebooting permanently: when this occurs the system starts reading a disk (the bootloader on the disk shows for 2 or 3 seconds), then reboots.
-Sometimes I got a yellow, pink or green screen.

I also want to stress that before this problem, I had the following behaviour:

1 second after turning power up, a blink showed up but the screen remained gray during 10 seconds until the insert menu appeared.

I'm not sure, but shouldn't the screen be white till the insert disk menu?

Thank you for any suggestion...
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