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Thanks for the reply Bloodwych

No problems to report with ADV SP/Scalos except that its not much faster with my 030 then it was on my 020, noticeably faster and better to use but not the sort of jump in speed I was expecting... (Icons a little slow to load) Would an Indivision AGA make this better? My next planned upgrade...

Sounds like OS3.9 will be slower so maybe I will give that a miss and stick with ADV SP. I will probably try OS3.9 on a CF card anyway just for the fun of it I already set one up in winuae so its just a case of transfering the files... Just waiting for a 2.5gb Microdrive I ordered before Xmas to turn up.

I am using CWB Full on my other A1200 its 020 with 8mb fast mem and I tend to use that one for my WHDLoad games... I am using the 030 with the SCSI CDROM for CD Games now and Speccy Emulation/SMS Emu oh and Doom.


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