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Now I've added large hard drive support, not much really for general use.

OS39 is really nice for more powerful setups with graphics cards and large amounts of RAM, as it does suck up memory and is slower than Scalos.

You miss out on the larger glow icons and true colour icons for games and P96 displays by not using 3.5/9. It has font sensitive prefs requesters and skin support throughout, instead of some of the topaz hard coded ones in Workbench 3.0/1 that Scalos doesn't replace. So it has better support for hires Workbench setups.

Scalos to be honest adds a lot of the features of OS3.5/9 to Workbench 3.0/1 and adds some unique characteristics too (context sensitive menus, default drive icons, better requesters, default icons can be made saveable, many patches and fixes built in, better sorting of icons, each operation a separate process etc etc). I prefer it, and end up adding external programs to OS3.5/9 to emulate features missing in comparison to Scalos, plus it multitasks better too.

Some people just like a pure Workbench environment however and won't accept Scalos.

Me, I'd use the 3.0/1 setups on a standard A1200 and accelerated Amiga's with native displays and 10MB RAM, OS3.9 on RTG machines with 18MB or more RAM.

I'm releasing a 3.5 version soon too, just to make your decision harder. It uses less RAM than 3.9, and is a nice setup for those wanting a pure Workbench environment that works very similar to the ADVSP.

Bottom line is, use whatever gets the job done best for you. If Scalos is causing you problems (never has done for me), try the 3.5/9 version.

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