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Originally Posted by mfletcher View Post
Would that work with us poor mac pro owners who dont have access to floppy drives except for the usb kind >
I'd be happy to be told otherwise but to my knowledge omniflop (and indeed the Acorn emulators that directly support floppies) require 'proper' floppy drives to work. And a M$ OS on which to run, sorry.

There may be a way round it - I'm speculating here, not tried it.
As TC says RiscOS .adf's are NOT the same as AmigaOS .adf's - the two systems have utterly different formats - but with access to a real Amiga it should be possible to use that to write an Acorn .adf to floppy...
...with a great deal of luck a standard Amiga .adf -> floppy proggie may work. More likely you'd need something that at least allows for writing alternate formats...
...the RiscOS .adf is just a straight sector by sector dump.

Another (proven) option would be the following:
-Format a DOS floppy (720k) in either your MAC or Archie.
(Mac's read DOS 720k ok?)
-Download the .adf (ziped) to your MAC & hope the compressed file will fit into 720k.
-Put DOS floppy into the Arc's drive & uncompress the archive to a Ram disc.
(!SparkFS or !ZipEE should do)
-Reformat the floppy to ADFS (800k)
-Write the .adf image to said floppy.
(there's a few utils to do this, or the command-line if your prefer)
-Job done!
The above will also work with newer RiscOS computers that support 1600k floppies, use a 1.4mb DOS floppy.
Oh, and Arcs will read native Mac floppies, with some additional software.


If you've got a HDD check out the HD-Install folder. MarkYoungIW's done a lot of work sorting versions that will work just by dragging to your HDD - archived with !PackDir.

Failing all of that

All Arcs can be networked, that would allow direct drag 'n drop from MAC to arc...
...indeed with the right emulator on the MAC that can treat the .adf as a floppy. Then you can drag the contents directly across the network.
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