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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

from my research too, FASTROM and KICKSTARTS to RAM, don't use an MMU, this is evident when an a1200 can map ROM to fast (an 68EC020) and with my A600 which has 4MB SRAM it can map the KS ROM to ram too and thats a basic 68k chip.
Sorry Zetro you're wrong here. It's just that the CPU command does not give errors. You can execute the whoƶe set of "cpu cache burst copyback fastrom" on any processor.
FASTROM can not work without MMU unless you have relocation tables, like zkick has. Sometimes CPU allocates memory for the rom image, though there's no MMU. Maybe your observation is based on that bug.
BTW CPU happily maps the Kickstart to Chip RAM when there is no Fast RAM but a MMU.
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