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hello there my friend, it does sound like a pickle of accelerator cards info.

just to help clear things up,

the 020 is a 32bit chip as is the 030, they are not pin compatible and there are a few more signals required to drive the 030.

the memory structure are non-consequential as it comes down to how the card is made not the processors. as there is only 8MB of configurable space on the A1200 one can use all that as a memory location (hence 8MB) or map information in and out of that space allowing for larger memory portions, this requires more elaborate electronic design and more costly electronics. Maximum memory has nothing to do with the chip.

An 030 and an 020 with identical amounts of memory and clock speed would be seriously different in performance for instance an 020@33mhz is about half two thirds the speed of an 030@33mhz.

Indeed, i believe you are correct about the MMU as i know not of an 020 that has one... but saying that the MMU is not used under workbench infact i think there only one piece of software that uses the MMU on an 030, and to be honest i don't know what it is.
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