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Copying Amiga disks using Floppy drives on a PC.

Has anyone ever tried copying the contents of their old amiga files (notes, projects... etc) to the PC?

I have been stumped until I came across this last night - DISK2FDI.ZIP

It's a shareware tool that requires you to boot up into a pure dos environment and allows you to read amiga floppy disks and copy the contents across to a 2nd floppy disk (and save it as a .adf - HD/DD) to use in your fave Amiga emulator.

You need to ahem... borrow another floppy drive and connect it temporarily to the same floppy drive cable (assign it B and put your destination disk in there and put your amiga original (write protect it!) in A:. Boot with a dos disk and run the disk2fdi file above (ignore the warning - it's means that you can't create an actual Amiga disk copy with this version - but you can create the .adf file - after which through the WinUAE emulator you can extract the files across to Windows (through a hardfile disk file for example).

This is great since I have many old files (paint files, 3D Construction Kit Projects etc which I haven't seen since 1993). T'is great!

Just wondering if anyone has does this already??? I'm going to try next weekend. Up to now I assumed you need a CatWeasel device to do this. The reason you can't read amiga natively, besides other things, is because the Amiga floppy drive rotated at 300rpm and the PC ones at 360rpm. The other thing is that the PC drive waits for a signal pulse before a read while the amiga one didn't which made a few bytes of a difference....

I have attached the program here if you want to try... again you need 2 floppy drives... read the readme in the .zip. It's the way it works. Also I pasted the main bit you need from the readme to do this too. By the way you use this program for the old commodore floppies and Apple disks too... but I'm only concerned with Amiga 3.5" disks.

Please let me know if you have tried it!
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