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Originally Posted by Eny-
I want to have the icons my way, but the snapshot function doesn't seem to work, since i order the icons the way i like them, then "Snapshot -> Windows", when i reboot, they are not like i put them...
Sometimes it work, but most of the time, doesn't...

Am I doing something wrong where?

If you select Window -> Snapshot -> Window, you only snapshot the window position of the active window. If you want to snapshot all icons in the active window (and the window position), you have to choose Window -> Snapshot -> All. If you want to snapshot only the selected icons, you should choose Icon -> Snapshot as Burseg said.

AFAIK there is no AmigaOS means to change icon types (other than IconEdit). But DirOpus' icon properties window should be able to do it.

Perhaps RAWBInfo (which comes with OS3.9) can do it either.
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