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Hi everyone!

I was fortunate enough to snag one of Kipper2k's neat Romulator boards (purchase from Amiga on the Lake) to drop into my Amiga 2000 (Rev. 6.2). After many years of steady effort, my A2000 is pretty well upgraded, featuring an Ethernet card, Commodore RAM board, GVP SCSI board (hooked up to a SCSI2SD adapter I boot from), Individual Computers FlickerFixer board, and (the crown jewel) a Progressive Peripherals "Zeus" 68040 CPU upgrade running at 33MHz. It's a beastly machine, and I've been itching to add the Romulator since it's been sitting unopened on my desk for weeks.

I took the whole machine apart today and got the Romulator installed, after prepping the microSD card with a bunch of fully-licensed ROM images (including the DiagROM, and a newly-licensed Kickstart 3.1.4). When I boot the machine with the Romulator, it works great - I can select my ROMs, run the DiagROM, etc. - no issues there. I've also reinstalled the Ethernet board, RAM board, GPV SCSI board, etc., and they don't seem to have any conflicts.

HOWEVER: if I also replace the Zeus '040 board, I get nothing - the machine powers up (fans, power LED, etc.) but other than that, I cannot get any response whatsoever onscreen, and (based on the lack of floppy activity and/or Romulator menu-music) it doesn't seem to be doing anything at all. Removing the Zeus board instantly gets the system working again, but without the amazing speed improvement the Zeus board offers (and which I'm not exactly looking to give up).

Any ideas or suggestions here? I really want this to work!


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