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Action d'Enfer, French Compilation missing!

Action d'Enfer, seems this French Compilation is MIA as it has no entry on HOL! It's mentioned in the SPS Games database so it appears to exist!

Some French mags have advertisers that list it as containing 4 games:
Double Dragon
Crazy Cars
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge

This a compilation with 4 games
Year of the first release: unknown but a few ads in some french mags for this compilation are dated 1990!
Number of disks (or CD): 5 (2 for Daley Thompson, rest are 1 disk going by the individual entries on HOL)
Hardware: OCS
License: Commercial
Publisher: Ocean

This compilation should also be mentioned in the 'Classic compilation' part of each of the 4 games.

Also released on Atari ST and IBM PC.

If anyone can correct what I have found out (Denis or any one who has this compilation) can you please post any corrections, sadly no box/disk scans
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