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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Amazing job to everyone involved in this project! Looks amazing and i’m sure will bring deserved attention to the Amiga scene with this and the other projects on the go.

Firstly i’m not moaning about the A500 version as clearly its pushing the hardware and looks set to be a stunning game, but the only downer from my point of view is the 320x191 playarea giving those pre Team 17 black bars top and bottom (or all bottom i think Alex said on Twitch atm) so...

This question to Alex, would it be possible to alter the game for faster machines (AGA+) to have the game full screen or at least 320x231 (25 for the HUD).

Just extending the skyview with those 40 pixels will greatly enhance the experience on a large screen with not a large black estate area.
Unfortunately I can't give you a straight answer right now for a few reasons (the main one being something like this is not a decision I could make alone!).

What I can say is, our goal is to make the best version of this game we can with the resources we have available and seeing as we are making it for you guys (the Amiga community) we really appreciate it when you take the time to provide thoughtful feedback and I promise we will seriously consider and evaluate all reasonable suggestions.
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