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Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Hoarder in me is pushing me to download them all, but again, probably better to ask...
Give in to your hoarding impulses and get them all if you have the storage space! The thing I find invaluable about the old Aminet CDs is that they actually contain a number of files that have been removed from the present day incarnation of Aminet. It's still a mystery to me why some of these files had ever been removed from Aminet over the years, as they don't seem to violate any of their policies (past or present).

Anyway, the other thing I find really handy about the Aminet Set CDs are the bonus games and utilities that you can find on them (for instance, PPaint V7.1b on Aminet Set 10). It's a pity that Schatztruhe stopped producing the Aminet CDs at the end of 2002. They were essentially taken over by GTI the year before and that was pretty much the beginning of the end for them; they were basically done by late 2003. Quite a shame as Stefan Ossowski, the guy who ran Schatztruhe from its inception, was a very nice guy and poured his heart & soul into keeping the Amiga stuff going after the demise of C= and Escom.

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