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incorrectly purged files (and the reverse)

hey everyone!

I've been doing some research that has steered me towards old Amiga BBS's.

of particular interest is a file in this list:

However, it appears that all of the files in the /console/ directories have been removed.

This is an understandable move, as most of these files are just pirated console games.

In a weird twist, some of the files in the tools directories are ROMs which should not be on the archive (or at least that's the case for EDG-FRON.LHA from tools6)

However, my concern is the following: several files related to homebrew SNES development have been lost in this purge.

in particular interest to me, SLIDESV3.LZH is a program that I had assumed to be lost to time.

Does someone still have all of these files?

I'd be willing to help sort through the files so that all of the ROMs stay out, while the rarities are still archived

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