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I completely agree with Twistin' ..... the BLEED games were REALLY offensive ...... still downloadable at Aminet btw. These Anti-Turk games you´re speaking off are made by rassists here in Germany and I don´t have a clue how to get rid of them, these people don´t have the guts to write their names under the games and I really dislike it, this became personal cause some time when I get into a IRC channel the people call me a RASSIST or NAZI just for being from Germany without knowing me ....... these rassists are no human beings IMHO ..... but if I would say "LETS KILL´EM ALL" I would not be any better then them, so .... let´s hope those people get a better opinion of life in the future (well, at least HOPE .... don´t think it will be that way )
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