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@thinglea. Thanks for finding that old thread,completely forgot about it,made for great historical reading!

The One had a lengthy WIP of Wing Commander,where they spoke to Nick Pelling & briefly made mention at the finish about Frak 3D. He seemed half-hearted about returning to it,so it seems questionable about how much game design was actually finished-he ended up using the 3D techniques learnt as a result though when approaching the Amiga Wing Commander conversion.

Has any of the mags actually stated those early Addams Family shots were for the Amiga though, what are the SNES shots like for comparison? The parallax backround would've have to been dropped for the speed surely? (this was made pre-AGA days after all)

That mention about Digital Illusions game Hardcore makes for interesting reading though, maybe that could be one of the games added to the list to chase!

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