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Amiga Games That Weren't !! What is it?

I have been in contact with Frank Gasking (of Commodore C64 Games That Weren't fame) and he has agreed to help out if we start an Amiga GTW venture.

so I'm startiing things up for knocking up an AGTW site and organizating it a bit. I will post news about it here.

Frank will be sharing contact info in the case he finds out the people he contacts also worked on unpublished Amiga games, and we would be doing the same with C64 stuff we might find incidentally. Also, the news sections would be crosslinked, mentioning updates in both AGTW and C64GTW.

For now this is all we have discussed, and Frank might already have some important info on another lost Amiga game, so this is off to a good start. And with the recent discovery of Liquid Kids, we're bound to find good things I say!

I'm very enthusiastic about this.

Of course, this project would be an affilliate of the future Amiga collective project, whenever it starts up The information we get would also be instantaneously available to the HOL and CAPS projects.

Let's sinergize peeps. No more of that fighting shit I;ve seen in the Amiga scene
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