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@djbcoffee: Just asking in theory; with a bit of rewiring, could this be turned into a project using a more available RAM-package, like the a 1Mx8-Bit SOJ ? (large footprint, but its still solderable by solder-noobs) - or are there a specific hardware-cause that makes anything less than, say 4 chips (e.i for a 4x8bit = 32bit output, instead of 8x4bit) inconvenient ? Could it be a space issue?

Unfortunately ram now a days comes in TSOP packages, its was hard finding something even remotely available that wasn't "pulled" or "used, but as new", as an alternative (if it ever came to that).

Thanks for all your work - I have ordered a batch with DirtyPCB - and some DRAM
@_tweak: Yes, something could be done with modern memory but it would take a bit of work. You could design a SIMM that uses modern SDRAM or SRAM and design an interface circuit that makes it look like eight 2nd generation DRAMs to any hardware connected to the SIMM. If there were enough demand for these SIMMs then it might be a worthwhile venture. But, then again, if there were enough demand we could source the original DRAMs from one of the warehouses I found that are stocking these original DRAMs. There are a few overseas and at least one I found close to here in California that have leftover stock from the final runs of these 2nd gen DRAM chips in the mid to later-half of the 90s.
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