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new uploads:

Kids' Academy - Which? Where? What? Box, Disks, misc and manual

and not on HOL

10 out of 10 - French Box, Disks, miscs and manual
10 out of 10 - Geography Box, Disks, misc and manual

Hol has Sextett 3 but is missing

Sextett(1) Box, Disks and manual
is a compilation of 6 Games:
Disk 1 - Grid Start
Disk 2 - Karting Grand Prix and Las Vegas
Disk 3 - Typhoon
Disk 4 - City Defence and Karate King

i once saw Sextett2, but i didnt got it
it has also 4 disks with 6 Games
Emerald Mine, Mike, Fortress Underground, Larrie, Iridon and Phalanx
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