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Its a bit difficult to understand what you are exactly talking about. Are you talking about a whole new game, or to port an existing game?

The former might work, if and only if you make it 100% Amiga. Your aim is to shoot directly for the Amiga enthusiasts for your funding, anyone else will just pass it thinking "why bother with this when I can play game XYZ on current gen systems".

If a port of an existing game, the same failure reasons. You can't persuade people to put money into something which already exists, only to have it ported to a machine from 2 decades ago "for kicks". If it happens, it has to be an Amiga exclusive and the kickstarter page better be nostalgia heaven. I wouldn't even make any mention of emulation possibilities because then again you will just raise the red flags: why not make it directly for Windows / mobiles / etc.

But that's me, and I've been known to be a bit of a realist bordering dangerously on pessimism.
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