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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
No idea about Tearaway Thomas, pretty sure its the full game as several people have completed it, and considering the only copy protection on Tearaway Thomas was the document check, which appears at the start of the game.
1. I really wish Don would stop all this whining... It's okay to report non-working games here, but I'd prefer hard facts here instead of any thesis about which percentage was not broken well. Thanks Galahad for staying so calm.

2. Tearaway Thomas has the very same message about being a review copy in the final game, too. So I bet this message being in the final game is not an indicator for the crack being made based on a review copy. Why do I know this? I did compare both versions because the original is PITA to use because the code sheet is photocopied (!) onto red paper and barely readable.
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