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Originally Posted by Don_Adan View Post
Sorry, but you're wrong (again?). There are two types of game demos. First are the
normal demos, easily recognizable. The second types are those demos released
by the authors during the release of the full game, to delay the crack of
the original (for a few days, weeks, months even) which was available for
sale during that time. Not many examples of titles like that, but I'm sure
one of those was Pinball Dreams (2 disks from Skid Row if I remember
correctly) and Curse of Enchantia (4 disk demo). Go ahead and search for
those, I'm sure you'll find out.
Sigh. This is getting entirely boring now.

Your little dig with "Sorry, but you're wrong (again?)", you've yet to prove me wrong.

Considering i've been on both sides of the fence (illegal side and as a programmer for commercial software companies), i'm guessing that makes me more informed than you.

Pinball Dreams and Curse of Enchantia were REVIEW copies as was St.Dragon.

Core Design were about as anti-piracy and scene cracking groups as you can get, they never did nor ever would allow a copy to be spread, even in non final format.

They were ALL review copies. How do I know this? Because ADS of Fairlight, previously of Inner City/Mayhem, Quartex and a few others had a contact with someone in one of the magazines that supplied him review copies.

Manchester United Premier League Champions released by Fairlight in 1994 was a magazine review copy.

Take it from someone who IS more learned on this subject than yourself.

As far as I am concerned, this subject is now over, by me continuing to respond to your ill researched posts, is only going to irk me to the point where I will no longer be able to respond in the calm manner I am able to do at the moment.

I sure as hell take umbrage with your suggesting i'm a liar and wrong on a subject I clearly know something about.
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