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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
My question is simple,
Isaw Tony implementing so much things, new cards, etc...
Could he extend the emulation from winuae to others 68000 computers ??
I thin about CDI, atari st, mac and so on.
Could it be a possibility one day to introduce more 68000 machines ?
I thought about cdi, atari st and mac, because they don't have good emulator on windows, they are far from my point of view as good than winuae.
It was just for talking because i know that you still have many projects for the amiga but one day winuae could it be the basis of a new emulator or could winuae become a 68ks emulator ??
You can try ShapeShifter or Fusion on WinUAE. I guess it may perform better than some of the Mac emulators out there. After all there was never 68060 based Macintosh, but there is 68060 ShapeShifted Amiga. Also FusionPPC may work with the PPC emulation. Haven't tried, can't confirm.
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