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Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
...but hold on; in this thread you mentioned that if you don't use save states then all is ok: Joining two avis recorded with winuae creates sound glitch

So the moral of the story, don't use save states when recording
I believe Toni is trying to resolve this ongoing POP issue with AVI joining... This POP noise whilst using savestates and resuming recording seems to not be working without pop noises..

Toni had the "forgotten update" he wanted us to try in case it fixed the POP noise.. I just tried on another game beside the obscure Wings of Death game and it seems to still happen.

I am not sure wether this can be fixed at all because when you load a savestate It seems to remember the last sound from the previous gameplay. So when you record again that POP noise from the previos gameplay is heard in the new AVI recording..

I am hoping someone else can try it as well..
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