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Problems on an A3000 (Drag-and-Drop & palettes broken)

First off, I love ClassicWB and appreciate the hard work put into it by Bloodwych and the advice shared by many users on the forums. So regardless of whether my particular issues can be resolved I owe a lot of thanks already. Kudos to all!

System Specs: I've got an A3000 desktop 030 25 MHz with 8MB RAM and 1MB chip and built-in graphics. I've got 3.1 ROMS and was running a basic WB 3.1 config prior to finding ClassicWB around the time of the v25 release. My HDD is 1.2 GB and I've got an NEC MultiSync VGA monitor slumming at 640x512 Interlaced. (I've also got a flaky 1960 that I've semi-retired.) I did a clean install of ClassicWB v27 recently.

Issue 1: I've tried a few ClassicWB packs (Full, Adv, AdvSP) with v25 and v27 and after installation I can no longer move around any icons on the desktop. I can re-sort the icons or do a cleanup but I can't drag anything from here to there. So I end up using Directory Opus for even the most basic file operations. It's not a major issue but is highly annoying. I don't have this issue when I boot off a WB floppy. I'm assuming it's something with Scalos or another system component but am not sure. I also can't duplicate the problem in WinUAE. (It's only on the real Amiga hardware).

Issue 2: Lately I've also noticed that I can no longer load other color palettes. Well, I can try to load a palette and apply it but there's no change in appearance. After I booted off a Zip disk to fix an unrelated issue the palette became corrupted and I can't seem to do anything to get the colors fixed. Manual edits work (sorta) but inevitably the palette gets corrupted again and goes mad ugly. As with my other issue, I can't duplicate this in WinUAE either.

Any advice is certainly appreciated!
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